Patrick Evans - US Tax AccountantIf you are a US tax payer living in Switzerland, or an American living abroad, you may have heard that you are required by law to report your income to the IRS even if you are living abroad. There is no exception.

Paying US income tax abroad may be a bit scary for most. But have no fear – US Tax Practice has you covered.

As a US tax accountant, I am in the business of helping fellow US Tax payers with their tax compliance. It’s more than just income tax returns preparation. I like to educate clients on the whole process, to be their tax partner, and to apply my skills to provide for their best interest, and to make sure they understand why they are signing on the bottom line.

I don’t charge for consultations or meetings and truly want to help my clients rather than focus on billing them.

At US Tax Practice you will find we offer 5 tax services for US expats.

  1.  If you’ve never paid US Taxes before, or are not compliant with your tax filings, then COMPLIANCE is where you need to start. We can determine whether the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) or the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedure is the route to go.
  2.  If you have filed for US Taxes before and are a US expat living in Switzerland or Europe, and simply need help to file for your US tax return, then TAX PREPARATION is where we can help you.
  3.  If you are US Tax payer already living abroad, you might have given some thought on how to get your US taxes as close to zero as possible. That’s where we can help you reduce your tax liability with TAX PLANNING and OPTIMIZATION.
  4.  If you’re having Swiss bank problems and find that your bank is making it difficult for you to set up a bank account [or you are being asked if you are a US citizen, and your bank rejects your application because of that] that’s because the bank is obliged to inform the IRS about you – so BANK REPORTING or FBAR is where we can help you.
  5.  And finally, if you are what we call an “accidental US tax payer” and have considered giving up your citizenship to avoid all these US Tax hassles, then we can help your with EXPATRIATION.

You will find all our services on our home page. So just choose the section that is relevant to you and watch our associated videos.
And if you have a specific question on American tax preparation services or US taxes abroad, contact me directly so that we may assess your situation free of charge and provide you with a solution.

Just call +41 52 533 45 81.

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Thanks for reading and looking forward to helping you out!


About US Tax Practice GmbH:
US Tax Practice is the go-to tax compliance and planning practice for US tax payers in Switzerland.  Located in Schaffhausen, the company was founded by  Patrick Evans, a US citizen determined to work with his clients’ best interests in mind. US Tax Practice GmbH services include US Tax Preparation, US Tax Compliance, Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), Tax Planning and Optimization, and Expatriation.