Patrick-Evans-Us-Tax-Switzerland-blogGiving goodwill to a needy American citizen in Switzerland is a recent example of a value that US Tax Practice GmbH holds dear, in addition to giving U.S. tax payers living abroad peace of mind by offering tax services at affordable rates.

Geneva, Switzerland – May 27, 2015   Last month US Tax Practice Owner, and CPA, Patrick Evans issued a statement of goodwill offering to prepare a free tax return to a needy fellow U.S. tax payer.

University student Clarice Kaneza is an American citizen, born in New York City, and currently resides in Geneva Switzerland. She moved to Switzerland to study for a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies with a goal of working in developing countries, where she can use her acquired skills from the University of Geneva.

Clarice adds, “I am also from Burundi in East Africa and I fully embrace both of my citizenships. As Burundi currently suffers from an increase in human rights violations and social turmoil, I understand and acknowledge the rights and privileges that I am granted as an American citizen.”

Working part time until this coming fall when her studies begin, Clarice has been experiencing a difficult time to make ends meet, given the cost of living Switzerland is relatively expensive to life in America.  Fully aware of her responsibilities to file for U.S. taxes while living abroad, she felt stuck and sought out a U.S. tax accountant and came across US Tax Practice GmbH based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Having been previously quoted high fees for a basic tax return, she was ready to try preparing her tax return on her own out of desperation. Evans advised her against this as she could face some complications and pitfalls involved in dealing with taxation while living abroad. The current fee US Tax Practice charges is 300 CHF for basic income tax preparation, while competitors charge 1000+ CHF at a minimum.  Conscious of her circumstances, Evans offered to do Clarice’s income tax return for free.

Evans adds, “I was very fortunate to meet Clarice. She struck me as a genuine person who really needed some help. Life in Switzerland for a student away from home can be a challenge. I was impressed with her desire to make a difference in other people’s lives and am very happy to give her a helping hand. I want to put her mind at ease so that she can focus on her studies.”

Launched to give expats both peace of mind and tax compliance, US Tax Practice breaks the mold. The practice serves fellow expats by bringing transparency and precision to the U.S. tax filing process. Evans runs his business with an open door policy.  Americans abroad need not suffer through the confusion of U.S. tax preparation with preparers who are difficult to communicate with.  Now, the expense is minimal and the addition of a ‘tax partner’ is enviable.


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About US Tax Practice GmbH:
US Tax Practice offers U.S. tax services in Switzerland. It is the go-to tax preparation service and compliance practice for U.S. tax payers. Located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the company was founded by Patrick Evans, a U.S. tax accountant (CPA) and U.S. citizen determined to work with his clients’ best interests in mind. US Tax Practice GmbH services include U.S. Income Tax Preparation, U.S. Tax Compliance, Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), Tax Planning and Optimization, and Expatriation.