US-tax-deadline-for-citizens-living-abroadIn our previous blog 7 Tips For Planning Next Year’s US Taxes we mentioned the importance of planning for next year.  So here are the important tax deadlines for US tax payers living abroad to help you do that.

Remember, FATCA regulations require all Americans and green card holders to declare all their worldwide income.

Important U.S. Tax Deadlines

  • April 15 – Due date for prior year tax returns for taxpayers living in the U.S. Tax payments are due for ALL U.S. taxpayers.
  • June 15 – Due date for prior year tax returns and to pay any remaining tax due for U.S. taxpayers living abroad.
  • June 30 – Due date for prior year foreign bank account reports.
  • October 15 – Final deadline to file individual tax returns for prior year. Last day the IRS will accept electronically filed tax return for the prior year.
  • October 16 – Start planning for the next tax year!

Note on filing for time extension – As a US expat or resident living abroad, you may file your income tax as late as October 15. But you need to file for an automatic time extension. To do this you fill out form 4868 and submit it electronically or send it in by postal mail. However, please note that this does not extend the time to pay any outstanding tax liability and all payments should be made by April 15.

You may use Form 4868 to apply for an extension if you are “out of the country” and are a U.S. citizen or resident to file with Form 1040. But generally the IRS cannot extend time for more than 6 months.

Download Form 4868 here for more information and make sure to read the “General instructions” in the document.

The above dates and forms are accurate at time of publishing our blog.

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