I want to minimize my US taxes.

Get me to zero!

Are you paying too much to the U.S. government?  Is your U.S. tax liability too high?  Are you sure your tax preparer is taking advantage of the tax code?

Living outside of the United States and being a globetrotting expat can be extremely exciting.  Being double taxed and paying too much in U.S. taxes is not!

Make sure you are taking advantage of deductions, exclusions and credits so you are able to minimize your tax liability as much as possible.  However, optimizing your tax return through the use of deductions, exclusions and credits is just the start; you also need to plan effectively and make sure you are timing payments and receipts optimally so you can gain the most advantage in the specific time period where it makes the most sense.  Also, you need to choose investments wisely and know the tax consequences and advantages of when and where to put your hard earned capital.

I’m a US citizen, expat and Certified Public Accountant and while I don’t mind paying my fair share I also want to optimize my situation so I can make discerning decisions and plan accordingly.  I take the same personal approach with your tax planning as I do with my own family.  I would be glad to take you through a structured tax planning approach, which reflects your agenda (short term or long term) and enables you to be the CFO in your life, which you and your family deserve.