Tax-Considerations-Renouncing-US-Citizenship-immigrationThousands of Americans renounce their citizenship, while many foreigners seek to immigrate to the U.S. But there are tax implications to both scenarios. So if you are thinking of giving up your US passport or green card, or moving to the U.S. and applying for a green card, there are several things you need to consider.

Giving up your U.S. citizenship or green card is a huge decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It could mean losing U.S. rights, which includes restricted travel to the U.S.A. and no support from U.S. agencies.  That’s why it’s important to expatriate correctly so you aren’t subject to large penalties or considered a covered expatriate.  Usually, expatriation requires that you have filed U.S. taxes for the previous 5 years and paid all outstanding tax liabilities before you expatriate.

If you’re planning to move stateside or have been granted a green card, you need to make sure you know when you have to start filing taxes.  But it also helps to know your options if you aren’t planning to relocate to America immediately.  This is especially important for the first year in which you officially enter the U.S. tax system so you aren’t paying taxes unnecessarily.

Generally speaking, you’re considered a U.S. taxpayer the moment you arrive in the United States with a valid green card.  However, it’s possible to take advantage of some tax treaty options if you aren’t planning on moving to the U.S. immediately or aren’t currently living in the U.S.

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