Phone Consultation

If you are looking for a tax advice, analysis of your taxable situation or a fee quote for the preparation of your tax return, please book your appointment online to schedule a phone call.

Tax Arrival Briefing

If you are considering moving to Switzerland or just arrived and are looking for a tax briefing, we can offer you a consultation which will cover:

  • The main aspects of Swiss tax system;
  • Explain the taxable income and wealth elements as well as related deductions;
  • Your personal tax filing requirements;
  • The tax filing process, including information collections and the tax payment process.

In addition to that, we can explain you the Swiss social security and pension system.

Tax Departure Briefing

If you are considering leaving Switzerland, we can provide you with useful information regarding the following processes:

  • De-registration process
  • Filing a departure tax return including any special consequences
  • Social security
  • Withdrawing the pension fund

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