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I have never filed US taxes before. I’m not compliant with my US tax obligations. Get back on track with OVDP and Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.

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Goodbye America! Hello Switzerland! I am thinking of expatriation or exiting the US Tax system. We help US Tax Payers with the complexities of expatriation.

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Tax Planning & Optimization

I want to pay less US taxes. Are you paying too much to the U.S. government? We help US Tax payers in Switzerland to optimize their US Taxes.

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Foreign Bank Account Reporting

I need help opening a Swiss bank account and reporting my foreign bank account. We help US Tax payers with FBARs and Swiss bank accounts.

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US Tax Preparation

I have filed US taxes before. I am tax compliant. I need help with US Tax Preparation. We help US Taxpayers in Switzerland and Europe with US tax forms.

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Let us worry about your taxes, so you don't have to