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Patrick-Evans-CPA-US-Tax-Services-Switzerlandreparing tax returns for American citizens living abroad, US Tax Practice GmbH gives clients peace of mind.  Offering expats U.S. tax compliance for a fixed fee, the newly launched consultancy corners the market on affordability and personalized service.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland – March 19, 2015 – Launched to give expats both peace of mind and tax compliance, a new U.S. tax preparation service opens its Swiss doors.  Optimal for Americans living in Switzerland, US Tax Practice breaks the mold.  Founded by an American living abroad, the company serves fellow expats by bringing transparency and precision to the U.S. tax filing process. Wholly focused on providing personalized attention, the forward-thinking company has already seen success.  It most recently saved an ‘accidental American’ 150,000 CHF in fines.

Patrick Evans, CPA and owner of the company said of his recent win and greatest motivation, “Helping Mr. Lüthi navigate through the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures was so fulfilling.  It’s a joy to help fellow expats with their tax compliance.  It’s an even bigger joy to provide education in the process.  I like to think of myself as a tax partner in for the long run.  I believe in forging long-term relationships with my clients.  So, I don’t charge for consultations or meetings because I don’t want them focused on billing.  This isn’t just about preparing a tax return.”

The current fee for basic income tax preparation with US Tax Practice is 300 CHF.  Evans’ competitors charge 1000+ CHF at minimum.  In addition to US Tax Practice’s remarkably affordable fee structure, Evans runs his business with an open door policy.  Americans need not suffer through the confusion of U.S. expat tax preparation with preparers who are difficult to communicate with.  Now, the expense is minimal and the addition of a ‘tax partner’ is enviable.

Evans adds, “I want to engage in ‘aggressive’ tax preparation in order to save my clients the most money.  I want to differentiate myself from the Big Four – PWC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Deloitte – by providing a personable experience for my clients.”

Furthering their approachability, US Tax Practice is offering a gesture of good will.  The company will give an expat who cannot pay, but is in dire need of their help, an option.  The American tax preparation service will do a free U.S. tax preparation for an eligible candidate in need.

To apply for good will and for more information contact us.


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About US Tax Practice GmbH:
US Tax Practice is the go-to tax compliance and planning practice for US tax payers in Switzerland.  Located in Schaffhausen, the company was founded by  Patrick Evans, a U.S. citizen determined to work with his clients’ best interests in mind. US Tax Practice GmbH services include U.S. Tax Preparation, U.S. Tax Compliance, Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), Tax Planning and Optimization, and Expatriation.

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